I am Dr. Bradley, I grew up in a missionary home, in a foreign country. Raised by loving parents and have 3 wonderful sisters.  I was raised with an attitude of service toward others, my parents spent their careers serving, and even now in retirement, they continue to be focused on service to others.  This has been my passion and focus in my adult life.

I have been working with transition issues in men, marriages and adolescents for over 30 years.  These range from public schools to residential treatment centers to private practice.  My training and experience includes teaching in a Master of Counseling program, training and supervising counseling interns, teaching in public school, working as a Youth Pastor and as Christian Education Pastor in 2 Churches.

I hold a Bachelor of Education degree with an emphasis in Special Education and Speech and Audiology.  I hold two master degrees, Master of Arts in Religious Education and Master of Arts in Education with emphasis in guidance and counseling.  I hold an earned doctorate (Ph. D.) in Education.  My research emphasis was Organizational Leadership.  My dissertation focused on masculine development and how men become leaders.

I am a certified trauma informed therapist and certified as a trauma informed therapy instructor. I am a mediator and mediation instructor. I have been trained in multiple counseling approaches and holds certification including EMDR, Reality Therapy, Gottman Institute, Career Development Facilitation, Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, and I am trained as an instructor in the 40 Developmental Assets.  I am also a Board Certified Coach.  (I likes to learn...)

All of this training and life experienced has given me the insights and ability to walk along side my clients as they search for more meaning and impact in their lives.  I don't have the answers, but I do know the questions to ask.  Together with my clients we create a new path to a new definition of success and fulfillment.