Dr. Rolla Bradley

Dr. Rolla Bradley


Stuck in a cycle, lost with no direction, self destructing when in conflict.  School is boring, work is not fulfilling, relationships are work.  All the old favorite activities are just blah.  These are often the signs of loss of passion and burnout.  We want to succeed, we want fulfilling relationships, and yet we feel stuck.  Outwardly, we may be hanging on, participating in life, school, church, but at home we are drained and withdraw.  This is not the end.  

Men frequently deal with difficult internal issues with no words to express them.  We want help, but do not believe anyone can help us.  We claim they are "fine", but it is obvious that we are struggling.  Is this major depression?  Are we at risk of life long mental illness?  These are the questions that the men and the families ask quietly.  No one wants to ask them aloud.

I am Dr. Rolla Bradley.  I am a Leadership Development Coach, Life Coach and a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Ph.D. in Education.  I have spent the last 20 years working with men and adolescent males.  I am experienced in the inner workings of public school and the impact this has on boys.  I have studied extensively on manhood, masculine development over a lifespan and leadership in men.  I have had the privilege of working with Pastors, Church Leaders and business leaders.  As a Coach I am able to assist men and boys move past being stuck in thought patterns, behaviors and ultimately results of their choices.  As a therapist, I have the background and skill to differentiate between issues of coaching and issues of therapy.

Much of my approach is a result of my own experiences in adolescents and adulthood.  I have loving parents.  I lived in a good home in a good area, surrounded by good people.  But, my development took a long time.  I struggled with academic issues, friendships, being bullied, and just not fitting in.  Over time, and with the help of Godly people in my life, I made the turn and began to experience success.  My passion is helping men negotiate the road of masculine development and leadership.


Dr. Bradley is located in the Northeast corner of San Antonio, Texas.