Dr. Rolla Bradley

Dr. Rolla Bradley


Change is inevitable!  It is going to happen, by our choice or by the impact of other's choices.  But, change is coming.  Controlling the impact of change in life is the key to success.  Life transition and change coaching is one tool to help us maneuver the landscape of change.   

I am Dr. Rolla Bradley.  I am a Transition and Life Change Coach and a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Ph.D. in Education.  I have studied and worked with life transitions for 20 plus years.  I focus on controlling the controllable and managing the impact of what cannot be controlled. 

I have had the privilege of working with Pastors, Church Leaders and business leaders.  As a Coach I am able to assist my clients in  moving past being stuck in thought patterns, behaviors and ultimately results of their choices.  As a therapist, I have the background and skill to differentiate between issues of coaching and issues of therapy.  In therapy I special in three areas, adolescent issues and development, men's issues and marriage issues.

Much of my approach is a result of my own experiences in adolescents and adulthood.  I have loving parents.  I lived in a good home in a good area, surrounded by good people.  But, my development took a long time.  I struggled with academic issues, friendships, being bullied, and just not fitting in.  Over time, and with the help of Godly people in my life, I made the turn and began to experience success.  My passion is helping my clients negotiate the road of personal and professional development and leadership.



Dr. Bradley is located in the Northeast corner of San Antonio, Texas.